Recent publications:

Stephanie Snow and Angela Whitecross, ‘Connecting Voices in a Time of Crisis: NHS at 70 and Covid-19, Oral History Review, invited blog, May 2020.

Stephanie J Snow, ‘”I don’t know what I’d have done without this project: Oral History as a Social and Therapeutic Intervention During Covid-19’, Researching in Times of Crisis: Care and Resilience, Volume 2, Bristol: Policy Press, 2020.

Angela Whitecross, ‘The cultural significance of space and place in the NHS’, Crane & Hand (eds) Posters, placards, and prescriptions: Cultural Histories of the NHS in Britain, (MUP, forthcoming)

Stephanie J Snow, Jolanta Shields, Angela Whitecross, Evidence submitted to the British Academy’s enquiry into the longterm societal effects and impacts of Covid-19, December 2020. voices-of-covid-19/

Stephanie J Snow, Jolanta Shields, Angela Whitecross, Evidence submitted to the Health Foundation’s Covid-19 impact enquiry into the implications for health and health inequalities, December 2020


Papers and presentations 2020/21

  • Stephanie Snow, ‘Connecting Voices, Oral History and Crisis’, presentation to the Oxford Oral History Network, October 2020.

  • Angela Whitecross, ‘NHS Voices of Covid-19: Public History during a Pandemic, Public History Seminar Series’, University of York, October 2020.

  • Stephanie Snow, ‘Crisis, resilience and care: what will history make of Covid-19?’, presentation to the Institute of Health Policy Seminar Series, University of Manchester, November 2020.

  • Angela Whitecross and Esther Hitchen, ‘The National Health Service and ‘Everyday Health’ in the UK since 1948’, Body Sex and Society seminar series, Feb 2021.

  • Jolanta Shields, ‘Looking back to look forward – the role of oral histories for health policy in UK’, paper, Political Studies Association Annual Conference, March 2021.

  • Esther Hitchen, Remaking the Future, Coping in Crisis - Using Oral History to explore the role of feelings and emotions in the construction of responses to Covid-19 pandemic, paper, British Sociological Association Annual Conference, April 21.

  • Stephanie Snow, vaccination webinar, University of Warwick History of Medicine Seminar Series, Forthcoming, 4 May 2021

  • Stephanie Snow, chairing, Policy@Manchester event: Community Responses to Covid-19, forthcoming, 17 May 2021.

  • Angela Whitecross & Stephanie Snow, NHS Voices of Covid-19: Creating a national collection of Covid-19, paper, Discovering Collections, Discovering Communities (DCDC21), forthcoming July 2021, plus guest speaker on special edition Material Memory podcast produced by CLIR for DCDC21.

  • Angela Whitecross, Exploring the impact of Covid-19 on experiences and perceptions of the relationship between the NHS, the state and the voluntary sector through personal testimony, paper, forthcoming June 2021, Social Policy Association Annual Conference.


Professor Stephanie Snow's research is situated at the intersection of health, history and policy and her publications cover many subjects in the history of medicine including the introduction of anaesthesia to Victorian medicine and the history of the NHS. She is passionate about history’s public value and its power to transform our understandings of the present through exploring the past. Much of her work uses oral history to gather memories and reflections and through this she has the privilege of building engagement with organisations, communities and people across health and medicine. 

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Project Manager, Dr Angela Whitecross, has a background in British political history and has worked in a range of heritage and academic settings. Her research interests focus on co-production and engagement, particularly the intersections between academic, business, community and heritage organisations.

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