Eulon Graham


Eulon Graham was born in Jamaica in 1937 and came to Chorley, Manchester, in the 1960s to train as a nurse. Eulon trained also in midwifery, and worked as a district nurse, staff nurse and sister, before moving into geriatrics. She reflects on how nurses could offer to pray with patients, but now are not allowed to show their faith in visible ways. A member of the NHR Retirement Fellowship, she also volunteers with the Oldham Bereavement service.


Eulon Graham

Listen to Eulon talk about why she came to the UK to study nursing.

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Audio Transcript:


When I was 18, 17 plus, I always wanted to be a nurse. Because I used to go visiting. Nobody saw anyone in the hospital in Montego Bay where I was. And I used to like to see the nurses in the white uniform; and I thought, “That’s what I’d like to do”, sort of thing.  So I’ve asked my brother—who was living in Chorley—because they wanted nurses from over here, to send me a hospital near him. So he sent me the address for the hospital and I stayed with him for two weeks. I could apply in Jamaica, but because it’s a small island and all the other islands could come to it, you might have to wait three years before you could get into nursing. So when he sent me this, I thought, that was good.